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Tifblair Centipede Grass  
The Lazy Man's Grass!
  The search for an improved variety of centipede has been underway for many years. Recently, however, Dr. Wayne Hanna at the Coastal Plains Experiment Station in Tifton, Georgia, released TifBlair™ centipede. TifBlair™ has proven to be an improved centipede variety not only in research trials but in landscapes from the transition zone south for several years.
TifBlair™ Centipede Grass provides the following:
  • Faster germination and much quicker coverage
  • Excellent winter tolerance in the middle to lower South
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Super Wrapped for easier spreading
  • Low fertility requirements
  • Drought tolerant and fast recovery from lack of water
  • Needs less mowing and easier to mow
  • The most Environmentally Friendly warm season grass

In addition to improved performance characteristics, TifBlair™ is also the first certified centipedegrass ever.

Selecting the right grass variety is always a challenge. Home lawns and many commercial construction sites have poor soils and difficult growing conditions. While bermudagrass and zoysia certainly do well in many environments, centipede turf offers many additional advantages. It is a slow growing, medium-to-coarse warm season perennial grass which produces a very dense, attractive, weed-free turf. Compared to other grasses, centipede requires less care, less mowing and less fertilizer, and it’s generally resistant to most insects and diseases. Centipede is also more shade tolerant than bermudagrass, and since it produces only surface runners, is more easily controlled around flower beds and walkways. The fact is, most of the common centipedes have very poor rooting characteristics, which makes them less than ideal for difficult sites and colder climates. Certified TifBlair was bred to overcome these problems. As research from Georgia to Oklahoma has shown, it’s exceptionally cold tolerant, has impressive fall color retention, and develops a deep root system even in poor growing conditions. Common centipede varies from field to field, but every load of TifBlair seed or sod will have the same high quality and pedigree. So specify TifBlair centipede for your next project. TifBlair makes a beautiful, low-maintenance turf, ideal for home lawns, public parks and commercial landscaping.


TifBlair Centipede Maintenance & Calendar

This calendar of suggested management practices is designed as a guidline to assist lawn care professionals and homeowners in the maintenance of a Centipede grass lawn. Location, terrain, soil type and condition, age of the lawn, previous lawn care, and other factors affect turf performance. For these reasons, the following management practices can be adjusted to suit your particular home lawn conditions.


Mow the lawn with a ritary type mower set to cut at approximately 1 1/2 to 3 inch height. Never remove more than 1/3 of the leaf at any one cutting. Always use a sharp blade. Catch and remove clippings if possible.



Spring - When grass begins to green up in spring apply a centipede fertilizer, such as 18-0-18, preferrably containing a weed preventer such as Barricade and iron for deep greening. Broadcast fertilizer using a rotary-type spreader following spreading rates recommended on bag.

Summer - In mid-summer apply 18-0-18 again, if necessary. If turf appears yellowed this may indicate chlorosis and an application of iron using a product such as Iron-Plus can help for deep greening. Broadcast fertilizer or iron granules using a rotary-typespreader following spreading rates recommended on bag.

Fall - In early to mid fall apply a Fall Feed/Winterizer, such as 5-5-20, preferably containing a weed preventer such as Barricade. Broadcast fertilizer using a rotary-typespreader following spreading rates recommended on bag.



Though drought tolerant, Centipedegrass prefers infrequent deep watering. Do not over-water (avoid standing water for any period of time). A gray-green color, footprinting, and wilted, folded, or curled leaves indicate that it is time to water. NOTE: Always water during the early to late morning hours and never at night. Watering at night will often lead to fungal development.


Weed Control

Apply a granular preemergence herbicide such as Team 2G in early to mid February to prevent the emergence of spring weeds such as crabgrass. Late spring, summer applications of preemergence herbicides may also be applied, and as stated above can be applied in combination with a fertilzer containing a weed preventer.

To kill weeds that have emerged postemergence herbicides can be applied. Atrazine is the herbicide we recoomend for use on Centipede lawns. Apply postemergence herbicides only when weeds are present and make sure to wait until three weeks after the lawn is green. Be sure the product is labeled for use on Centipede and always be careful to follow mixing and applications instructions on product label. Spot treating is recommended.


Thatch Removal

Periodically it may be necessary to remove accumulated thatch and debris. This is best accomplished in the late winter - just before turf turns green. Scalp or rake heavily and remove debris.


Insect Control

We don't see too many problems with insects on Centipede. If brown spots that are becoming larger begin to appear in your Centipede this could be white grubs. Another insect we see on rare occasion is the spittle bug. Spittle bugs are black in color, triangular in shape, and have bright red stripes on their wings. The Spittle bug gets its name from the spit-like substance it secretes in patches of the lawn. Your local nursery or garden center will carry products for use in controlling these and other pests.

For more information about our products and services call: 770-573-4420
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For more information about our products and services call: 770-573-4420
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