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  JULY - Tips for the Month

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___ Keep an eye on shrubs, trees, and the grass in your landscape to make sure they are receiving enough water. It is best to water from early to mid-morning. Never water your lawn during the late evening hours as this can promote the growth of damaging fungus. If you have a sprinkler system set the timer to begin watering no earlier than 5 AM. To reduce the amount of waterering, apply a layer of mulch around the root systems of plants or trees to help retain moisture.

___ Cut back Chrysanthemums (mums) this month. Mums are cool season bloomers and, in the South, should not be allowed to bloom during summer. Cut them back by half their size during late June or by July 15th. After pruning, fertilize your mums with Colorburst flower food or Milorganite to maintain overall health and enhance bloom production in the Fall.

___ Fertilize annual flower beds. If you haven't fertilized those annuals you planted during the Spring give them a dose of Colorburst flower food or Milorganite now. Milorganite is a natural fertilizer that will not burn, even during the hottest months of summer. Remember to fertilize your annuals every 4 to 6 weeks during the growing season to keep them healthy and producing more flowers.

___ Fertilize perennials plants. Give your perennials a dose of Colorburst flower food or Milorganite to maintain overall health and enhance bloom production.

___ Fertilize Roses if you haven't done so within the last 6 weeks. An application every 6 weeks or so of Fertilome Rose Food with Systemic Insecticide will keep those pesty insects away throughout the season. SEE: All About Roses

___ If you are on the Bermuda and Zoysia ProScape Lawn Fertilization Program it is now time for Application #3. Fertilize with ProScape 32-3-6 w/2% Iron Slow Release Lawn Fertilizer, or Milorganite. If many weeds are present you can fertilize with ProScape 20-4-10 Weed & Feed Lawn Fertilizer. If only a few weeds are present spot-spray with Hi-Yield Lawn Weed Killer. SEE: Bermuda & Zoysia ProScape Lawn Fertilization Program.

___ Plant Bermuda lawns from seed or sod now. When planting a Bermuda lawn from seed make sure to use turf-type Bermuda seed, as common bermuda is best suited for pasture grass. Panama Bermuda is a new, genetically advanced Bermuda grass seed having excellent overall turf quality with very dense and dark green turf - as good if not better than Tiftway 419 Bermuda sod. Why plant sod at 8 to 10 times the cost when you can get the same results by seeding with Panama? SEE: Planting a Lawn from Scratch or Lawn Restoration

___ Check Azaleas, Roses, Junipers and other shrubs or trees in the landscape for presence of insects. If damaging insects are present on plants and trees you can usually eliminate or repel them successfully with Malathion, Sevin (Carbyrl) or Triple Action. SEE: Insect Control

___ Check for funguses. If you notice expanding brown or dying patches in you lawn this could be the signs of a fungus. If so, it may be necessary to broadcast or spray a lawn fungicide. SEE: Disease Control In Lawns

___ Now is a great time to begin pre-planning for the Fall season. Fall and winter are the best time to plant most all shrubs and trees, while they are dormant. This makes now a great time to have a landscape plan drawn for your property. If interested contact Brian Wilson at Call 678-859-8704. If you want to attempt to draw your own landscape plan SEE: About Landscape Design


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