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Tips Of The Month - JANUARY
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___ Now is a good time to transplant shrubs or trees that you would like to relocate in the landscape. Before digging up the shrub or tree to be transplanted dig the hole for its new location. When digging up plant make sure to start as far away from the main trunk as possible to retain as much of the root system as possible. When transplanting in new location mix in Claycutter Soil Ammendment at a 50/50 ratio with the soil dug from the hole. Tamp soil after back-filling to make sure air pockets are eliminated. Water in with a solution of Root Stimulator and cut back the shrub or tree by 1/3 it's height. Mulch with pinestraw or wood mulch.

___ Heavy pruning of certain shrubs and trees can be done at this time. To view or printout instructions for pruning Crape Myrtles or pruning various shrubs and trees click here. Caution: Do not prune Spring flowering shrubs or trees such as Azaleas, Forsythias (Yellow Bells), and Flowering Cherries until after they have finished their sprng bloom. Caution: Do not prune back Lantanas until the new foliage begins to emerge in mid to late spring.

___ Now is good time to prepare vegetable gardens for the upcoming Spring. If you do not make your own compost, Claycutter Organic Soil Amendment or Composted Cow Manure are available at the nursery in bulk or bags to replenish your garden soil with the rich organic matter necessary to successfully grow healthy vegetables. Applying Milorganite fertilizer is another easy way to refurbish garden soil with organic matter. SEE: Making a Compost Pile or Bin SEE: Growing a Vegetable Garden

___ Collect fallen leaves and add to compost pile or bin. SEE: Making a Compost Pile or Bin

___ Contrary to popular belief, January, and in fact the entire winter season, is a great time to plant most all shrubs and trees. Winter planting of most dormant shrubs and trees is very safe and allows them to acclimate to their new home before receiving the huge benefit of an early-Spring root flush when soil temperatures begin to warm up. There is absoulutely no danger to most shrubs and trees planting them in January. Landscapers successfully plant through the entire winter! Visit the Plant Files where you can view descriptions and color photos of plants and trees that perform well in Zone 8.SEE: How To Plant a Shrub or Tree

___ January is a great to to prepare for the upcoming spring by having a professional landscape design drawn for all or part of your property. SEE: Wilson Bros. Landscape Design


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